JUMBO Jungle Week: Airdrops, Giveaways, Art Competitions and MORE!

What a month September was! The Zoo Crypto World metrics placed us 4th with monthly growth with over 20K new users , our new cards are looking STUNNING and the future of October will revolutionize the Jungle Metaverse. To start off October, the Singularity Studio team have decided to introduce something SPECIAL and OUT OF THIS WORLD — Jumbo Jungle Week.

There will be FREE airdrops, community art competitions, giveaways and 🔥 partnerships. Read all the info below, you do not want to miss this. Jumbo Jungle Week will only be here for a limited time from October the 1st to the 7th so make sure you tune in!

🪂CoinMarketCap Collaboration + FREE Airdrop

Zoo Crypto World will be collaborating with CMC to start off the JUMBO JUNGLE week. This collaboration is with the CMC airdrop feature and will allow ZOO warriors a chance to win a TOTAL of 50,000 ZOO for FREE on the CMC Airdrop platform. This event will be running from October the 1st to the 15th and will award 2,000 winners. If you want to enter (who doesn’t?), read the instruction list below. Note that this collab will start at the start of October the 1st, full details will also be posted on the CMC info page 👇


📦CoinMarketCap Airdrop Instructions

Want to join the FREE ZOO Airdrop? Make sure to follow the instructions below. Valid entries will only be applicable from October the 1st to October the 15th.

📜Instruction List (October 1st — 15th)

  1. Go to https://coinmarketcap.com

⭐️All steps must be completed to be eligible for the Airdrop. If you do not complete all steps you will NOT RECEIVE any airdrop rewards. ZOOCW is solely responsible for the selection and distribution of assets to winners.

🌴JUMBO JUNGLE Week Activities (October 1st — 7th)

In addition to the CMC collaboration, LIMITED TIME activities will be conducted during JUMBO JUNGLE week. Make sure to read all the details listed below!

⚔️ PvP and PvE

10/1 Will mark the start of our October monthly PvP competition. Users will be able to battle against other players and fight for a place on the leaderboard to earn fantastic rewards. The weekly competition runs Tuesday to Tuesday, so it will be starting on October 5th. Players receive three free combats, and then the ‘extra’ are battles after the 3 free. The costs of the extra battles doubles until 32, e.g., 1 Zoo, 2 Zoo 4 Zoo 8 Zoo 16 Zoo 32 Zoo (then continues at 32 Zoo from there on). All Zoo used to combat is sent to a burn wallet. Users will also be able to compete for daily PvP rewards. Reward screenshots are posted below:

ZOO warriors will also be able to compete in the PvE mode. There are two world bosses daily, and the players that perform the highest damage are rewarded as follows (rewards are 50% of this per boss):

In addition to the leaderboard rewards, players who expend at least 1 Zoo in either PvP or PvE will receive a participation reward in $KEY. 500 KEYs are set aside for this and divided amongst all those that participate.

🎨 Art Competition:
We will be hosting a community art competition beginning on Oct 1st. We have recently partnered with BiSwap and we will be launching a team of NFTs. The competition will run through until October the 15th and the rewards are as follows:

1st: $1,000 USDT

2nd: $500 USDT

3rd: $200 USDT

📷 Live Stream (Twitch and YouTube Live) Giveaways

Zoo Crypto World will be hosting a few livestreams during the week of October 1st — October 7th. Each stream will have at least 5 KEYs in giveaways. Zoo Crypto will stream on the twitch channel and YouTube: https://www.twitch.tv/zoogame

Oct 1st @ 1pm UTC

Oct 4th @ 3pm UTC

Oct 7th @ 4am UTC

Join Zoo Crypto World now and experience the adrenaline of adventure in the jungle! This week is going to be MASSIVE for Zoo Crypto World 👉 https://www.zoogame.app

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