Wen moon? Wen update? The biggest update ever is hitting the ZOO Crypto World ecosystem. You, the community, have been begging for updates and here it is! Changes to the farm system which will boost rewards, xZOO staking, lottery pots, limited NFTs and a merge system?

🚀Make sure you read everything below, ZOO Crypto World is about to get more profitable than ever, you do not want to miss the rocket to the moon.

🦁Retiring the 1st generation of NFTs (18th October)

The first generation of NFTs will retire from chests and will occur on the 18th of October. This means you cannot unlock these NFTs from chests anymore and can only acquire them from the marketplace. This will make these NFTs SUPER LIMITED, so hurry and upgrade your cards or hoard your NFTs before these NFTs run out forever. These NFTs will still mint ZOO, participate in combat and do other site functionalities. They will only be limited from chest openings making them rare.

The NFTs will be removed from the chests include the ones highlighted below in red:

💰Merging NFTs (18th October)

A new NFT merge function will be deployed to provide a new use case for cards. This update will allow users to merge 3 same level of NFTs, junk/rare/normal NFTs, and form a UNIVERSAL NFT. This NFT has increased combat stats and can be used to upgrade any card family. The merge system will burn cards giving them more value so stock up whilst you can 💪

👨‍🌾Farming System Evolution (Mid October)

The farming system will completely change! This new system will make KEYs rarer and will BOOST rewards for ZOO warriors whom stake ZOO/BNB and ZOO/BUSD pairs. The farming evolution will involve xZOO staking, a change to KEY rewards and lottery pots for bonus rewards!

Read all about it below 👇

🐸ZOO Locked Staking — xZOO staking system (Launches at the end of this week)

ZOO can be locked for xZOO which will boost and optimize your farming weight and rewards! Your ZOO can be locked for as little as a couple of days or 3 years. This will bring a new use case for ZOO and will provide stability.

Change to Farming rewards (Launches after the release of xZOO in Mid November)

💸ZOO to replace KEY rewards

😋Bonus DeFi Interest

🐾Lottery Pot for ZOO stakers

🚀ZOO Crypto World is listening to the community and will aim to be the #1 GameFi on the BSC space.

BUT WAIT… Something special is coming ⭐️

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